Haripur Police Yet to Apprehend Perpetrator of Nayyer Abbas, Injured at Youm-ul-Quds

Pakistan Bait-ul Mal Deputy Director Nayyer Abbas Jafri survived, last month on the day of Quds, a deadly attack on his life in Haripur, leaving him injured. He was rushed to the hospital and on-time treatment revived him.

Police administration of Haripur district is yet to take his incident seriously, though a meeting was called-in with locals in attendance, requesting time to apprehend the perpetrators involved. Sad as it may, despite several weeks have gone by, no arrest or development in this regard has been made.

It is pertinent to mention here that in the very same district, Khateeb Allama Waheed Abbas Kazmi of Imamia Mosque has continuously been receiving threats, which despite several reminders the local administration has failed to provide him with security.

Police, whose prime objective is to provide civilians with a sense of security, has badly failed in their task, creating chaos among locals of Haripur.


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