British National, Samia, Murdered for being a ‘Shia Convert’

British woman, Samia Shahid’s husband has affirmed that his wife was murdered for converting to Shia faith and not what media poses – Honor, reported The Express Tribune.

The husband has urged Pakistan and the UK governments to ensure his wife received justice Thursday, during a press conference.

Mukhtar Kazam presented a copy of the post-mortem report into his wife Samia Shahid’s death — seen by AFP — at an emotional press conference, which said the 28-year-old had marks on her neck, and suggested she had been strangled.

Kazam said his wife converted to Shia, his sect, before their wedding, which had irked her parents,(sic) The Express Tribune.

Kazam and Samia, both British-Pakistani dual citizens, had been married for two years and were living in Dubai, police told AFP, adding that it was Shahid’s second marriage.

In a complaint to police he has claimed Samia, a beauty therapist from Bradford, was murdered during a visit to her family in their village in Punjab province on July 20. Samia’s father has denied the charges and said he did not want an investigation, claiming his daughter died of natural causes.

The torture marks in the autopsy tells a different story against all odds what the father told officials.



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