MWM Hunger Strike Camp Converted into a Protest Camp on Grand Ayatullah’s Request

Majlis Wahdat ul Muslimeen (MWM) Pakistan Central Secretary General Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafri addressing the Protecting Pakistan Conference – PPC, honoring Shaheed Quaid’s 28th Anniversary, said that they are converting the hunger strike camp into a protest camp on the intervention and wishes of Grand Ayatullahs and other religious Clerics. The protest camp will continue till all demands are met.

Allama Nasir said that we are privileged to have received a flag from the shrine of Maula Imam Hussain (as) which we have raised at this camp. Momineens can come visit this souvenir.

He warned that the conspiracies against Azadari (mourning) need to stop immediately otherwise on Sept 2nd they will cordon Chief Ministers House in Punjab to protest. He added that most of our demands are met and in progress, but work on them is slow which needs addressing.

Allama Nasir, already suffering from Heart disease and Diabetes, was on a hunger strike for the past three (03) months causing him malnutrition and kidney infection. He was taken to ICU in a local hospital in Islamabad. His arrival at PPC after his ailment brought new light to the cause, it was at this platform that Grand Ayatullahs and clerics requested and urged him to convert his hunger strike to protest camp.


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