Jamaat-e-Islami Leader Defy Propaganda Against Iran, Claims Ahle Sunnah Prosper in Iran

Former leader of Jamaat-e-Islami Quetta Qari Abdul Rehman denounced all false propaganda against Iran claiming it a conspiracy of the Arab countries in liaison with the US and Israel.

In an interview Qari Abdul Rehman said that world powers are against the Islamic revolution that prevails in Iran, considering it a threat to their rule certain Arab countries under US dominion have brought about a negative propaganda against the state to distant it from other muslim countries.

He added Iran has a wide range of grand clerics belonging to Ahle Sunnah faction and none among them have complaints against the regime. If Iran was biased towards sunnis in the region then the voices of Ahle-Sunnah Ulema (Clerics), namely Maulana Abdul Hameed, within the country would have been heard. Their contentment reveals Iran’s attitude and practice of tolerance preached within the country and reflected in its foreign policy.

He further explained that Ahle Sunnah have not only the liberty to practice their religion freely and with 15000 mosques across the country, they have representation in the Iranian government as well. Maulana Ishaq Madani is the political advisor of the Supreme Leader himself, Maulana Nazeer Islami is also affiliated with the office of the Grand Ayatullah. The names mentioned are dignitaries of not only Ahle Sunnah, Iran but the renowned to the wide world as well. Surprisingly they have no objection to Iran’s policies or have noticed a bias towards their sect; why would the world propagates news beyond comprehension is a question that one should ponder upon. The only reason that one can contemplate is Iran, an emergine Islamic power with a just rule, remains a threat not to anyone but anti-Islamic regimes across the region. Regimes lest it be monarchy, autocratic or self-styled democratic, are bringing false propaganda against Iran in order to save their skin.

Qari Abdul rehman is a renowned cleric from Quetta and currently serving as a Khateeb (religious speaker) at Jamia Quetta Mosque. He, as well, is Secretary General of Darul Umoor Islami, Quetta. Earlier, he had the responsibility for information and propagation for Jamaat-e-Islami and in the advent had translated many books of Maulana Moududi in Pashto. He was later made Jamaat-e-Islami’s secretary of Seminary Committee.



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