No Truth in Karachi Kidnapping Spree, Police Claim

Police has out rightly denied and contradicted news of kidnapping incidences in Karachi, claiming them to rumors of no value, said spokesman Karachi Police.

According the spokesman, there is no truth to kidnapping cases of minors and girls in Karachi, consider them as false propaganda that prevail only on social media.

The so-called propaganda suggested that minors and girls are being kidnapped from the metropolis, with bodies of the deceased left to be found in posh areas after being molested.

The spokesman claims that it is a deliberate attempt to propagate fear in parents’ minds circulated with an agenda in hand. He alleged that it is an attempt to sabotage Police and Rangers successful operations in Karachi bringing in peace.

A wave of anxiety has gripped the region following kidnapping of 600 children from Lahore and other parts of Punjab within a short span of time.



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