MWM demands FIR against Rana Sanaullah &DPO Bhakkar

mwm karachi dharnaMajlis-e-Wehdatul Muslimeen (MWM) Karachi on Tuesday staged protest sit-in at M.A.Jinnah Road Numaish Chowrangi in protest against the Punjab Government and Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah’s biased acts against the Shiite Muslims of Bhakkar and patronage of banned outfits in Punjab Province.

The hours long protest sit-in demanding the judicial inquiry of the Bhakkar incident and urged the government to include Rana Sanaullah and DPO Bhakkar Sarfaraz Nekai’s name in the FIR of killing of innocent Shiite Muslims and attack on Shia population of Kotla Jam and Darya Khan of Bhakkar district.

MWM Sindh deputy General Secretary Allama Sadiq Raza Taqvi, Maulana Dedar Jalbani, Maulana Ali Anwar, Ali Hussain Naqvi and others were addressed the enraged protestors assembled here at Numaish Chowrangi M.A.Jinnah Road against the Shiite genocide in Karachi and Bhakkar and arrest of Shiite protestors of Bhakkar district.

They demanded of the Federal and Punjab Governments to take immediate action against the safe-havens of Taliban and other banned outfits in Punjab involved in the Shiite killing and attack on security installations of the country adding that the base-camps of banned outfits in Punjab are posed the grave threat for the stability of Pakistan.

Commenting over the serial target killing of Shiite professionals in Karachi, they demanded the PPP’s led Sindh government not to hold talks with the terrorists of banned outfits and underlined the need of ruthless crackdown against the banned terrorists outfits involved in the killing of innocent karachiites and Shiite Muslims.

The MWM leaders warned the Nawaz Sharif’s government to stop patronizing the banned terrorist’s outfits forthwith saying that if the government would not change its attitude then they will besiege the Islamabad.

The leaders appealed the Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry to take immediate notice of the armed militants of banned outfit attack on Shiite population of Kotla Jam and Darya Khan District under the supervision of DPO Sarfaraz Ahmed Falki.

They added that the militants of the banned terrorists outfits having a close ties with Punjab Government had stormed the Shiite areas on Friday killing several people but the Police remained silent on the attack and not a single terrorist was detained by the law enforcement agencies.

They urged the government to immediately arrest the culprits involved in the killing and attack of Shiite Muslims in Bhakkar.


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