PML-N Curbing G-B Voice in Guise of NAP

The Government of PML-N is patronizing terrorism subduing their opponents in guise of National Action Plan, said a press release of Pakistan Peoples Party Media Cell Gilgit Baltistan. It is evident that the regime is following in the footsteps of Military Dictator Late General Zia ul Haq.

The press release came in the aftermaths of arrests made after Awami Action Committee’s procession, claiming it to be a practice of the past dictator’s regime.

Raised Flags of Banned outfits right outside AC’s office in Gilgit, is a mockery of governments writ in the region. Evident that the proscribed organizations have PML-N’s patronizing, helping to enforce its regime in the region.

Awami Action Committee (AAC), established in the era of Pakistan Peoples party, is the same organization that went against the PPP regime with a historical sit-in using slanderous language against the government, but the PPP regime gave it leeway being a democratic and political party. They exclaimed, then, that they have the right of expression and using their democratic right. Whereas, today, a gathering of AAC demanding their right in CPEC agreement with national consensus rile the government and many a arrests were made curbing the voice of Gilgit Baltistan.


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