Tahirul Qadri calls Nawaz Sharif an Indian agent

Designating the Sharif family a security threat, Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief Dr Tahirul Qadri on Saturday called Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif an Indian agent, who is working on the ‘enemy’s agenda’ to destroy Pakistan.

“The rulers are allies of the enemy nations and terrorists. If their rule doesn’t come to an end, they would devour every institution including Pakistan Army and Pakistan’s nuclear programme,” Dr Qadri said, while addressing a rally in Rawalpindi.

Qadri claimed that in the manufacturing units of the Sharifs, there were over 300 Indians, many of whom could be Indian agents. “These agents move freely between the two countries, thanks to the influence of the ruling family. Even the phone calls of the Indian agent Kulbhushan Yadav were traced from Ramzan Sugar Mills,” he said.

He also alleged that India invested heavily to bring Nawaz to power and now it is fighting a war to protect his rule. “Whenever the Sharifs rule comes under threat, some terror incident takes place,” he said.

Qadri also alleged that the rulers were trying to monopolise the energy sector with the help of secret Indian investment. Waving certain documents in front of the camera, he said he was ready to offer documentary proof against the Sharifs to any intelligence agency.

Referring to Mehmood Khan Achakzai, an ally of the present government, he alleged that Achakzai is on the payroll of a secret agency of a neighbouring state. He presented an official document of Interior Ministry, allegedly showing that Achakzai received millions of rupees from that country.

Qadri said now it was the responsibility of every citizen “from General Raheel to the common man” to protect this integrity of the country. “Now let’s see who comes forward to protect the country,” he added.

Justice vowed come what may

Talking with reference to the June 2014 killing of 14 PAT workers during a clash with police in Lahore, he said Nawaz and Shahbaz would have to face justice.

“The rulers must think what will happen if I ask them to besiege their family residence in Raiwand,” he said, adding that he did not want chaos and civil war. “I don’t want to tell my workers to take the law into their hands. But I also cannot forsake justice.”

“We are not begging for justice. We know how to get justice and Qisas. We can get justice within seven days,” he said.

Qadri reminded General Raheel Sharif that he had promised him to ensure justice for the Model Town victims. “What will happen if you retire without delivering us justice?,” he asked.

Qadri said his workers and the Model Town victims’ families could not be bought. He said even his minor security guards could not be bought even if they were offered billions of rupees.

He said there are three phases of his Qisas movement. “Today is the last day of the first round of the movement which started in July,” he said.

Addressing the participants, the AML chief Sheikh Rashid said ‘the ocean of people’ was a message to prime minister that nation would not tolerate corruption and corrupt rulers.

He challenged Nawaz Sharif to come and contest elections in his constituency in Rawalpindi. “Your era is coming to an end but my age is going to begin,” he said.


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