Takfiri terrorists’ bid to bomb Peshawar foiled

Peshawar police foiled a bid of a takfiri terrorist who wanted to explode a bomb in Peshawar on Friday.

The takfiri terrorist was stopped during snap-checking near Machni Gate and a homemade bomb was recovered from his bag. Police immediately arrested him but his accomplice managed to escape from the scene.

A joint search operation was launched near Hassan Garhi and Machni Gate to nab the abettors.

Later,bomb disposalsquad was called in to neutralize the bomb.

Security remains tight in Peshawar a day after at least seven policemen and a passerby sustained injuries in a roadside blast near Warsak Road on Thursday. A van carrying police officials was patrolling in Darmangi Village when the bomb exploded, injuring seven cops.

Last week, the security forces killed four takfiri terrorists wearing suicide-bomb vests on Warsak Road. The terrorists were trying to attack Christian Colony near Warsak Dam, 20 km (12 miles) northwest of Peshawar.

The official said the attackers might have been attempting to enter an adjacent securityinstallationby exploiting weaker security arrangements in the residential area.

Pakistan suffers from takfiri terrorism since long. Banned Sipah-e-Sahaba, proscribed ASWJ and their sister-wing banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Taliban and al-Qaeda  have imposed a war of terrorism on Pakistani nation. Now, some elements of aforesaid takfiri outfits have renamed them as Daesh (ISIL) to continue their anti-Islam, anti-Pakistan and anti-humanity agenda.  


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