Another Sunni scholar expresses solidarity with Iranians against Saudi fatwa

Allama Hussain Ahmed Saeedi, head of Jamiat Ulema wa Mashaikh Pakistan, has expressed solidarity with Iranians saying “Iranians are our Muslims brothers and Saudi fatwa against them was deleterious to Muslim Ummah.”

In an interview with Tasnim News Agency’s Urdu website, eminent Sunni scholar Mr. Saeedi said that Iranians were working for unity of Islamic Ummah and Pakistani religious scholars too want unity among Muslim Ummah.

“House of Saud and world arrogant and imperialist powers behind the Saudis desire disunity. They want to rule by dividing Ummah but Muslims are well-aware of the facts and know who are true and who are on the wrong side,” he said.

Allama Saeedi said that even Saudi fatwa was not in the interest of Saudis hence he expressed hope it was matter of time when the Saudis would have to withdraw their fatwa and join hands with the Iranians.

“There are no two opinions in Iran and Pakistan about Palestinian issue and together with Pakistan and other Muslim countries, Iran will be in a position to liberate al-Aqsa and al-Quds,” he said. 


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