Over 100 arrested in police and CTD raids in Punjab

More than 100 takfiri suspects were rounded up in two raids in two districts in Punjab province on Saturday. Among them, 24 foreigners were living illegally in a Wahhabis-allied Deobandi seminary.

A raid was conducted on a seminary namely Tableeghi Markaz in Gujrat where police arrested 24 foreigners. Their visas were expired in December 2015 but they continued to stay illegally. Pakistan is a Muslim majority country but Wahhabis and their allies among Deobandis declare Muslims as deviants who need preaching to become true Muslims as per the interpretation of Wahhabism/Deobandis.

In Veharhi, counter terrorism department (CTD) and area police launched a combing operation. They rounded up more than 90 takfiris. Arms were also seized.  

On Friday, the CTD police arrested 34 suspects including takfiris in Lahore and Multan.  


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