Sunni parties alliance and Shia party warns of worldwide protest against the anti-Syria U.S.-led alliance

stSunni Ittehad Council and Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen, have condemned the U.S.-led alliance plots to impose war on Syria and warned of stiff protest and reaction against the anti-Syria alliance across the world.
“The attack on Syria will be considered an attack on Islam and Muslims and it will trigger worldwide reaction,” warned Sahibzada Ammar Saeed Sulaymani, a leader of the Sunni Ittehad Council at a joint press conference with Allama Ahmed Iqbal Rizvi, a leader of the Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen in Lahore on Tuesday. Other leaders of the alliance and the MWM were also present.

It is relevant to add here that Pakistani Shiites and majority Sunni Bralevis are united on numerous issues that include opposition to the imperialistic and hegemonic policies of the U.S. and its allies such as Zionist regime of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Allama Rizvi and Sahibzada Ammar Saeed Sulaymani condemned the Saudi monarchy and those despotic Arab rulers who have joined the war alliance against an Arab Muslim country.

“They are comrades of the enemies of Islam and Muslims who are also the enemies of Palestinians whose subjugation by the Zionists is the Arab world’s leading issue,” said Mr. Sulaymani.

Allama Rizvi said that Syrian government of Bashar al Assad always served the Arabs cause and they actively and fully backed the armed resistance to Zionist occupation and aggression on Palestine.

“Saudi regime always hurt the Muslims feelings by Wahhabi ideology as they demolished the holy shrines and graves of sacred progeny, wives and companions of Hazrat Mohammad (Peace be Upon Them).

They appealed to the world Muslims to come to streets against the anti-Syria U.S.-led alliance of war and convey to the proxies of the alliance, the takfiri terrorists that they deserve divine wrath and punishment.


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