Missing Shia driver of Gilgit embraced martyrdom due to torture of Yazidi terrorists

shadatA Shia Muslim driver of Gilgit was kidnapped and tortured to death by Yazidi nasbi takfiri terrorists of outlawed Taliban/Sipah-e-Sahaba/Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

Shiite News Correspondent reported from Gilgit that Mohammad Ali son of Ja’afar Ali was driver by profession and he was hired by some people for travelling to Chilas two weeks ago. Since then, he was missing. He had informed a relative at the security post before leaving for Chilas to earn bread for family.

Three days after his departure, the family members complained to the police that began inquiry. Those who hired him were also interrogated. They changed their statements before police. Once they said the driver was killed and once they said he was alive.

Finally, police recovered the body of the slain Mohammad Ali. His body bore injuries and torture marks. His hairs were also removed. Body was taken to his ancestral village Harchu in Gilgit where he was laid to rest. He was 22.

His murder evoked strong criticism from several quarters and it was demanded that his kidnappers and killers should be awarded capital punishment. Shiites of Gilgit-Baltistan province have been victims of pogrom being pursued by the Yazidi takfiri nasbi terrorists and outfits.


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