Entry of a deceased Shia scholar banned in Punjab province!

Punjab government has been too biased to decide judiciously on Moharram-related arrangements for security and cohesion. One of its examples is a ban on a Shia scholar who passed away three years ago but his entry is still banned in Punjab despite his death!

Allama Abdul Hakeem Bu Turabi, a zakir-e-Ahl-e-Bait from Sindh province, died three years ago. Punjab government issued a list of scholars and zakirs whose entry into Punjab has been banned. The list also included the names of deceased zakir and also the names of those Shia scholars who always preached unity of Muslims and human beings.
Shia Muslims condemned the biased officials of Punjab administration and demanded exclusion from the list of non-controversial Shia scholars who always preached peace, fraternity and unity of Pakistanis.


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