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Young son of Martyr Khurram Zaki a lone protestor outside CM House

Ali son of great Shia martyr Khurram Zaki lonely registered protest against government inaction that led to closure of his father’s murder case. Lifting a placard he protested outside Sindh Chief Minister’s CM House in Karachi yesterday.

A police cop and some officials in plainclothes tried to stop him but he shouted attracting attention of the passers-by that he was being denied the right of protest. He complained that proscribed ASWJ got his father killed but government had not pursued his murder case allowing the terrorists of the ASWJ to escape accountability.
He said Khurram Zaki was a great rights activist and he always struggled for the legitimate rights of oppressed people of Pakistan but those claimed themselves as his comrades and friends disappeared soon after his murder and nobody from among them came to help or assist the family of martyr Khurram Zaki.
Ali demanded of the Sindh chief minister to admonish the relevant police cops to reopen the murder case and bring the ASWJ terrorists to book. He demanded immediate arrest of Aurangzeb Farooqi. His father Khurram Zaki also had lodged protest lonely if nobody accompanied him to express solidarity hence he too was following his martyred father.


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