Another Sunni scholar censures Saudi monarchy for false Makkah attack news

Another renowned Sunni scholar Pir Masoom Hussain Shah has excoriated the Saudi monarchy and Wahhabi clerics for spreading false propaganda regarding the attack on Makkah which he said had not occurred so far.

“False propaganda on Mecca attack romours was aimed at convincing Muslims countries including Pakistan to send their army to help the Saudi army that had imposed an uncalled for war on Yemen and also plotting against Syria,” he said talking to a delegation of his Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan (Niazi) notables.
Pir Masoom Shah Naqvi further said that Saudi monarchy was dividing Muslim Ummah by unjustifiable wars on Muslims in Yemen and Syria and rumours of Makkah attack. He said that Saudi monarchy and its clerics were working for sectarianization of Ummah that must be condemned.
“The solution to the problem lies in an international Muslim body that must be formed to look after the sacred places of Muslim Ummah in Makkah and Medina and Saudi regime must withdraw its control on the sacred places of these two holy cities of the Islamic world,” he proposed.
He said that Saudi Arabia should end wars in Yemen and rescind its machinations in Syria to avoid tension in Muslim Ummah. He urged Pakistan government to remain stick to its neutral position in the said conflicts.


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