Shia family refuses to lodge FIR of ASWJ attack on Majlis in Karachi

Shia family of the victims has refused to register an FIR with the police against Deobandi ASWJ terrorist attack on women Majlis (mourning congregation) in Nazimabad No.4.
Hopeless and dejected

“Which law you are talking about? There is no law,” lashed out an angry relative of the victims requesting anonymity. “Why we would go for the FIR when there is no justice? We do not [have any] hope from the law enforcers. What kind of Karachi Operation [is] being [conducted] from the [last] three years when they [have] totally failed?”
The Nazimabad police have registered a case against unidentified persons as the family expressed dissatisfaction with the law enforcers and refused to register a case.
An FIR No 331/16 was registered on behalf of Nazimabad SHO Syed Faizul Hassan. Besides Sections 302 (murder) and 324 (attempt to murder) of the Pakistan Penal Code, the police also included Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act.
Syed Zaki Abbas and three of his nephews – Baqar, Nasir and Nayyar – were shot martyred along with their Sunni driver Nadeem, who was a Sunni, when Deobandi terrorists of proscribed ASWJ riding a motorcycle opened fire on participants of a majlis at a house in Nazimabad in District Central on Saturday last. Around half a dozen people, including women, were injured in the attack. Manzoor Abbas, who is the brother of Baqar and Nayyar, was also among the critically wounded victims of the attack. Manzur is admitted at a hospital in Karachi. He is on ventilator and the doctors are trying to save his life.
“The family [upheld the] practice of holding the processions of Muharram 8 and Muharram 10 and a majlis for women at their house for the last 50 years,” explained another relative. “But, from the last 30 years, they were living abroad and used to come just for arranging the Muharram processions and majlis. This time, they became victims of sectarian terrorism.”
After learning about the tragedy, more family members of the victims arrived in Pakistan for the funeral and burial process of their loved ones and later returned after Soyem. “The family members have returned abroad,” said Nayyar Ali, a representative of the Shia Ulema Council. “Definitely, they refused to register a case and it is a disgrace for the law enforcement agencies.”


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