52 pilgrims martyred as ASWJ-Jundullah explode Shah Noorani shrine

At least 52 Sunni and Shia pilgrims were martyred and more than a hundred injured as ASWJ-Jundullah exploded Shah Noorani shrine in district Lasbela of Baoichistan province on Saturday evening.


Federal Minister Mir Hasil Bizinjo who head National Party (Balochistan) said it could have been a reaction to the killing of Jundullah Pakistan commander Arif alias Saqib who was gunned down near Hub by security officials.

Pakistan Army, Levies, Rangers, Police assisted civilian administration of Lasbela and Khuzdar in their rescue operations to shift the injured to hospitals alongside shifting the bodies. 

Some injured have been shifted to Karachi hospitals for treatment and most of them were first shifted to Hub and Khuzdar.



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