Allama Qazi Niaz rejects pro-Saudi kingdom fatwas as un-Islamic

Allama Qazi Niazi Hussain Naqvi has turned down pro-monarchy fatwas of some clerics saying that monarchy system was against the teachings of Islam hence defending anti-Islam Saudi kingdom and its anti-humanity war on Yemen should be opposed and condemned.


“Saudi kingdom has imposed an uncalled for war on downtrodden people of Yemen that is a Muslim Arab country. It is a crime against humanity, le t alone Muslims,” he said adding that thousands of innocent civilians were massacred due to Saudi airstrikes and bombardments in Yemen.

He said that fatwa of religious decrees are not issued on hypothesis and hoax but fatwas are issued on the basis of factual and substantial news therefore those who issued fatwa or religious decrees on the hoax of Mecca attack were not in fact fatwa but anti-Islam viewpoint of some sycophants of Saudi monarchy because no attack on Mecca was made so far. He said impartial inquiry might be conducted to ascertain the facts because Yemeni resistance group have turned down Saudi claims.

Allama Niaz Naqvi urged the Muslims to turn down the stooges of Saudi monarchy because they had nothing to do with Islam and Islamic Ummah but they were toeing the line of Zionist-US ally.


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