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Banned terrorist outfit ASWJ holding a public meeting in Khairpur today

Banned Deobandi terrorist outfit ASWJ (Sipah-e-Sahaba) is holding a public meeting to commemorate the death anniversary of one of its hatemongering cleric who always opposed the observance of anniversaries of great saints of Islam.

On the one hand, the hypocrites of proscribed ASWJ are violating their own principle that is also endorsed by non-takfiri Deobandis as well that commemoration of death or birth anniversaries are prohibited in their sectarian interpretation. For that reason, they don’t oppose Sunni and Shia Muslims for mourning for martyrs of Karbala in Moharram and celebrations on birth anniversary of Prophet of Islam in Rabiul Awwal. But in the eyes of these hypocrites, hatemongering provocateur Ali Sher Hyderi Deobandi was more sacred than martyrs of Karbala and Prophet of Islam!
On the other hand, proscribed ASWJ is violating the law that categorically disallows any sort of activity by any banned outfit.
But, District Administration of the district Khairpur is turning a blind eye to the fact that banned terrorist outfit is holding a public meeting in the area that falls under their jurisdiction. When a social worker Gul e Zahra contacted the DC Khairpur and drew his attention to the banned outfit public meeting, he said he had no knowledge of it and that is also strange that even Deputy Commissioner is so ignorant?
Khairpur public meeting of banned terror outfit is another example of death of National Action Plan.


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