Thousands attend 12th martyrdom anniversary congregation of Agha Ziauddin Rizvi

Thousands of Shia Muslims attended the congregation on the 12th martyrdom anniversary of great Shia leader of Gilgit-Baltistan Agha Syed Ziauddin Rizvi in Gilgit where Allama Rahat Hussaini and other noted scholars spoke and showered the great martyr with praise.

Allama Rahat and other Shia scholars paid homage to Allama Agha Ziauddin Rizvi said that great scholar and leader such as Agha Ziauddin are born once in centuries. They said that people adore Agha Ziauddin due to his just struggle for the legitimate and inalienable rights of oppressed people.
They demanded that all those plotted his assignation and those abetted in the crime should be arrested and hanged forthwith.
Agha Rahat Hussain al Hussaini said that peaceful struggle and legal and legitimate means is a must to attain rights. He said that Imam Khomeni led a peaceful and legitimate struggle hence he brought out an Islamic revolution in Iran.
Speakers warned the Gilgit-Baltistan chief minister to desist from biased and victimizing tactics by denying government jobs and development schemes for downtrodden Shia Muslims otherwise he will also have to leave like Aslam Raeesani of Balochistan.


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