13 Pakistanis among 16 arrested in Saudi Arabia on terror charges

Saudi security forces have arrested 13 Pakistanis and three Saudis suspected of having links to terrorists who blew themselves up during a weekend firefight with police, authorities said yesterday.

The Saudi interior ministry also identified the two terrorists who detonated explosive belts during Saturday’s raid in the Red Sea city of Jeddah as Saudis Marzouk Anzi and Khaled al-Sourwani had both taken part in previous terrorist attacks in the kingdom, and Sourwani had links with the militant Daesh group, the ministry said. It is also interesting to note that Saudi Wahhabi kingdom itself invented intolerant takfiri ideology by declaring non-Wahhabi Muslims as infidels, pagans and deviants and now it claims that it is fighting that ideology.
Authorities also seized arms and materials for making explosives from the building where the men blew themselves up, the official Saudi Press Agency said.
In late October, Saudi authorities said they had arrested eight militants and dismantled several “terrorist” cells linked to IS or Daesh, including one that had planned to attack a major football match in Jeddah.
Those arrested included two Pakistanis, a Syrian and a Sudanese citizen.
Saudi Arabia is a member of a US-led coalition battling Daesh in Syria and Iraq. The kingdom has witnessed a series of deadly attacks claimed by Daesh since late 2014, mostly targeting the Shia Muslims killing dozens of them.


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