Pakistani Senator inspired by Imam Khomeini and his Islamic revolution

Senator Mohammad Ali Khan Saif who hails from Muttahida Qaumi Movement has said that Imam Khomeini and his Islamic revolution always remained a source of inspiration for him.

“I have been inspired by Imam Khomeini and his Islamic revolution from the beginning,” he said in an interview with Tasnim News Agency’s Urdu website.
He said that Islamic revolution of Iran, in fact, conveyed the universal message of Islam to the entire world. He said that Imam Khomeini was a great revolutionary leader.
“Imam Khomeini was above the Sunni-Shia divide. He never preached sectarianism but he emphasized on Islam in the Iranian Islamic revolution. There are many lessons for us in this revolution,” he said.
MQM’s Senator Mohammad Ali Saif said that Imam Khomeini had urged the oppressed people to get united to counter the oppressors. He appealed to all Muslims to pay attention to this message of Imam Khomeini and follow him.


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