Deobandi takfiri terrorists may target shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi

The sacred shrine of great Muslim saint Hazrat Syed Abdullah Shah Ghazi in Karachi may be the target of Deobandi takfiri terrorists in near future, according to the National Counter Terrorism Department (NACTA)’s threat alert issued to Sindh government.

The NACTA has stressed the need for making foolproof security arrangements at public places, particularly at shrines located in the port city. NACTA’s warning is based on credible information, and reveals that the terrorist groups have planned to target the Abdullah Shah Ghazi Shrine in Sea View, Clifton and Clifton Police station situated near to it.
The threat alert dispatched to the concerned security departments points out risks to the security of all vital installations, including hospitals and schools, and therefore, counsels exercising strict vigilance.

Two suicide bombers  of banned Deobandi takfiri outfits had ecxploded at the shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi in 2010 leaving many dead and injured. 

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