Deobandi party chief opposes legislation against terrorists and seminaries

Fazalur Rehman, chief of Deobandi JUIF, has opposed the legislation against the takfiri terrorism and the seminaries that sheltered them. Instead, he said that the terrorist militias were formed under the umbrella of state of Pakistan.

“Who formed militant militias under the umbrella of the state? After creating nasoor (cancer), the punishment is being awarded to religion and the (religious) sect,” he stated on a point of order in the National Assembly yesterday when the government tabled the 28th Constitutional Amendment Bill and the Army Act Amendment Bill 2017 for input from all political parties..
When the two bills were laid in the NA chief of JUI-F Fazlur Rehman said that there was no doubt about it that the country was facing terrorist activities. However, he said, terrorism had no religion, tribe, sect or nationality.
But, as a matter of fact, the Deobandi takfiris allied with the Saudi Wahhabism and their seminaries had given birth to the terrorists who pose serious threat to Pakistan, civilians and security officials, installations, mosques, Imam Bargahs and sacred shrines of Muslim saints and Deobandi terrorist outfits claim responsibility for terrorist attacks. Hence, Fazalur Rehman’s opposition to the legislation against terrorism is a proof that he wants to defend Deobandi takfiri terrorists and their seminaries.


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