Even Iran will benefit from Raheel Sharif leading Saudi alliance, claims Janjua

Pakistan’s National Security Adviser Nasser Janjua said yesterday that the appointment of the former army chief, retired Gen Raheel Sharif, as the head of a Saudi-led 39-nation military alliance will even benefit “anti-alliance countries, including Iran.”

“It will prove to be a welcome step for the Muslim world,” claimed retired army general Janjua speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a conference on maritime security in Islamabad.
The retired lieutenant general Nasser Janjua further said if Raheel Sharif was chosen to lead the military alliance, “he will become a reason for the unity of Muslim Ummah”.
“Gen Raheel Sharif will use his experiences and knowledge to remove internal misunderstandings among Muslim countries,” Janjua said.

But, critics have turned down this notion that Saudi military alliance will benefit any Muslim country including Pakistan. A vast majority of Pakistanis believe that pro-US Saudi monarchy is toeing the line of the enemies of Islam to serve the Israeli interests through that alliance because it has not been formed to liberate Palestine and Kashmir, the occupied lands of Muslims.


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