Kulbhushan Yadav plotted to make Pakistan and Iran enemy of each other

Indian RAW’s spy Kulbhushan Yadav had hatched a deep-rooted machination aimed at making Pakistan and Iran enemy of each other through a terrorist attack on the Pakistani embassy in Tehran by Indian proxy Baloch separatists.

This was revealed by renowned journalist and Geo News Capital Talk programme anchorperson Hamid Mir in his introductory remarks, yesterday.
Hamid Mir disclosed that Indian RAW through Kulbhushan Yadav network wanted to kill two birds with one stone: To get international publicity for Baloch separatists and to turn friendly and brotherly relations of Pakistan and Iran.
Yadav was in contact with the Indian embassy in Tehran and his aim to work from Chabahar was part of a deep-rooted plot aimed at turning friendly Iran and Pakistan into enemies by terrorist attack on Pakistani embassy in Tehran. For that purpose he was also in contact with Uzair Baloch, a notorious Lyari gangster who always facilitated Deobandi takfiri terrorists of banned outfits including proscribed ASWJ, mother of all terrorism in Pakistan.


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