People of Parachinar suffer due to security forces Red Zone

People of Shia majority Parachinar area of Kurrum Agency are suffering from multiple problems due to restrictions on them imposed in the name of the Red Zone because the security forces have declared several localities of Parachinar “red zone” in the wake of recent terror incidents in the town.

The affected residents complained that school-going children, government employees and patients are suffering very much due to long queues at the security checkpoints. They demanded that pupils and employees should be given special passes for smooth entry and exit and token be issued to the patients and patients-carrying vehicles and their attendants.
Azmat Ali Zai, local coordinator of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and local social worker Sha’aban Bangash made these demands talking to the media.
Kurram Militia, a wing of Frontier Corps, informed people through pamphlets on Monday last that central Imam Bargah, Punjabi Bazaar, Hazara Colony and its adjacent commercial and residential areas had been included in the red zone. Security in the red zone would be responsibility of the law enforcement agencies and residents have been asked to cooperate with the paramilitary forces and Levies personnel during body search, checking of vehicles and verification of identity.
The latest step was taken following car bomb attack near Imam Bargah in the town on March 31. The explosion killed 22 people and caused injuries to around 100 people.


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