Shia Muslims not isolated in Pakistan due to MWM’s struggle: Allama Nasir

Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen chief Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari has said that due to their steadfastness and struggle of MWM, Shia Muslims are not alone o isolated in Pakistan.

Speaking at the Ulema-e-Shia Conference on the last day of the MWM’s annual Irfan-e-Wilayat Convention he said that the world big powers were running from pillar to post to turn Pakistan into a sectarian country. He said that those big powers were splurging billions of dollars for this purpose. He said that youths were being radicalized and they were being imparted military training.
“All these things are being done to destabilize Pakistan internally and also externally,” he said and stressed on the need to counter and defeat all these nefarious machinations.
He lamented that genocide against Shia Muslims continued unabated in Parachinar, Dera Ismail Khan and elsewhere but MWM voiced its protest and got its voice heard against these atrocities.
“Shia Muslims of Pakistan are not isolated. Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa reached Parachinar to inquire about the health of the injured and met with the heirs of the martyrs because of bold struggle of steadfastness of Shia Muslims,” he said.
Allama Jafari said that Sunni Muslims too expressed their solidarity with Shia Muslims and they stand shoulder to shoulder with the Shia Muslims and they all detest the takfiri groups and their proponents.
He said that interior ministry and NACTA wanted to absolve the takfiri terrorists by giving them cleat chit to hoodwink Pakistani nation. He said that allowing takfiris and banned outfits to continue their anti-Islam, anti-Pakistan, anti-humanity activities was tantamount to treason.
“Shia religious scholars always led their community bravely. They resisted pressure against the azadari, sacred mourning rituals for the martyrs of Karbala, and they always played their leading role against the forces of tyranny and dictatorship,” he said, vowing that under the guidance of the senior and seasoned scholars, MWM was ready to render all sorts of sacrifices.
MWM chief said that national unity and inter-sectarian unity and fraternity was a must to defeat the enemies of Islam and Pakistan and MWM was committed to promote the unity and cohesion of Muslims and other Pakistanis.
“Saudi military alliance is against the vital interest of Islam and Muslims and also against the Pakistani nation hence defence experts and international relations scholars have alerted the powers that be to remain neutral instead of taking side in favour of Saudi kingdom,” he said.
Allama Jafari also made it clear that it was not an issue that Iran was invited to join the alliance or not but fact has it that Saudi-led military alliance was not in the interest of Pakistan.
He said Shia Muslims never violated law and always remained peaceful and loyal son of Pakistan despite the fact that they suffered loss of 20,000 people. He announced that MWM would host the Shia National Conference in May to take decision in consultation with Shia scholars, notables and experts. He said that MWM would hold the biggest ever congregation on the death anniversary of Allama Arif Hussaini in August this year.


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