Deobandi terrorist Azeem alias Fauji leads Daesh network in Lahore

In the wake of Factory Area encounter with Daesh (ISIS) terrorists, Lahore Police officials are certain that an organized Daesh takfiri terrorist network existed in the provincial capital of Punjab province and Azeem alias Fauji leads the terrorists.

Azeem alias Fauji recruits terrorists for Daesh (ISIS group) and oversee their terrorist attacks. Naureen Leghari, medical student of LUMHS Jamshoro, who was arrested from terrorist hideout, confessed that they got rented house in the name of Azeem.
Sources have revealed that Deobandi fanatics have formed network of Daesh in Punjab University, LUMS, Engineering University Lahore, Civil Lines College, and Government College of Science Wahdat Road Lahore and in some other educational institutions.
The Daesh terrorists are clean shaved and used luxurious cars to pose them as highly affluent class people so that police should not stop them for checking or suspect them of any suspicious activities.
A student organisation at Punjab University facilitated the Daesh in hiring the would-be terrorists. These people bring more friends to the network. Usually, they make friends at social media and then misuse them for terrorism and fanaticism. Fake social media accounts in the name of girls are also made to lure educated youths and then such youths are brainwashed for Daesh activities.
Apart from said student organisation, Hizb-ut-Tehreer is the main facilitator of the Daesh in Lahore. Banned Deobandi terrorist outfit Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, mother of all terrorism in Pakistan, also has joined hands with the Daesh network.


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