PEMRA ban Interview of Deobandi terrorist Ehsan ullah Ehsan on Geo News

Pakistan Electronic Media Authority (PEMRA) imposed ban on Geo News’ broadcast of an interview of former Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesman Liaquat Ali aka Ehsanullah Ehsan who is a notorious terrorist.

Geo News was slated to broadcast the exclusive interview on Thursday of the terrorist who has confessed to his horrendous crimes and has advocated others to also surrender.
The Geo group, however, claimed PEMRA has misinterpreted Geo News’ interview of the former TTP spokesman and ordered not to air it.
Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) had released the confessional statement of Ehsanullah Ehsan in which the terrorist had confessed to his crimes. The arrest is also another feather in operation Radulfasaad and law enforcement authorities.
During the interview in Geo News’ program ‘Jirga with Saleem Safi’ other points of the confessional statement were discussed. The interview tried to highlight the heinous crimes that were committed; however, it was banned even before being aired.
But, a vast majority of Pakistanis consider it a media projection of a Deobandi terrorist because thousands of murders cannot be pardoned by his confessional statement and his interview is being interpreted as an attempt to show him a repentant person instead of his posture as a ferocious terrorist.


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