Shia seminaries ask media to give correct timings of Sehr and Iftar

Federation of All Shia Seminaries of Pakistan has expressed displeasure over wrong timings of Sehr and Iftar being released by print and electronic media and asked them to give correct timings of Sehr and Iftar.

The spokesman for the federation of Shia seminaries said that Shia Muslims difference of timing for Iftar is between 10 and 12 minutes while Shia clerics give a precautionary timing for Sehr that means Shia Muslims should end eating and drinking 3 to 5 minutes before the call for Fajr prayers that is called end of Sehri.
He said that Jamiatul Muntazir seminary had made a calendar of Sehr and Iftar timings for Lahore and surrounding areas and Shia Muslims of other areas may use it by the difference of timings between Lahore and their respective areas.
It is relevant to add here that Shia Muslims of each districts of Pakistan prepare their local Ramazan calendars that include the difference between their timings with the major cities.


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