Punjab Muttahida Ulema Board bans Jatoi, Taunsavi, Kharal and Dogar

Punjab Muttahida Ulema Board has imposed a ban on Ghulam Jafar Jatoi, Ghazanfar Abbas Taunsavi, Mommad Ali Hussain Kharal and Mulazim Hussain Dogar under which they are not allowed to speak anywhere in Punjab province.

Shia Muslims have been appealed by the relevant authorities to inform the police or board in case they see these banned speakers are invited to speak anywhere in Punjab.
Reports had it that these speakers violate law and create disunity among Muslims and mislead people by preaching distorted image of Islam and Islamic teachings.
However, people have demanded that Punjab Ulema Board must ban the speeches of Deobandi takfiris also because they too provoke Muslims and create disunity through hate speeches.


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