Deobandi cleric wrote blasphemous article against Imam Ali

Notorious Deobandi cleric Shaikh Wali Khan al Muzaffar has written a blasphemous article against Ameer al Maumineen Hazrat Ali, the infallible leader of Shia Islam whom Sunni Muslims call guided Caliph. Strangely, neither government nor judiciary has taken notice of the blasphemy. Nor the religious parties have said a single word against him.

Deobandi blasphemer Shaikh Wali distorted the history by writing a false incident in Jahan-e-Pakisan, an Urdu daily, that Imam Ali (AS) had once led prayers while he was drunk. It is historically incorrect and it is blasphemy.
Shia Muslims of Pakistan demand the government and judiciary to award death sentence to Deobandi blasphemer Shaikh Wali Khan al Muzaffar forthwith.


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