Sunni Tehreek Chief says banned terrorist outfit ASWJ continues activities

Pakistan Sunni Tehreek Chief Sarwat Ejaz Qadri has said that banned (Deobandi) terrorist outfits Sipah-e-Sahaba/ASWJ continued its activities under new names and National Counterterrorism Authority has informed the Sindh Government in this regard but action is yet to be taken to stop them.

He alerted that empty statements from the government would not help eliminate terrorism but concrete measures acting upon National Action Plan were needed to eliminate terrorism. He said that inaction on NAP would encourage and embolden the extremists across Pakistan.
He said that government schools buildings and graveyards were occupied where seminaries were established. But no action has been taken against them, he added.
Commenting on the BBC report about terrorism, he said, it would not be in the interest of Pakistan and its provinces that terrorists and extremists are allowed free hand.


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