Zayd Hamid will fail in inciting any institution against Shia Muslims

Famous analyst Zayd Hamid has been trying his best for last many days to incite an institution against peaceful Pakistani Shia Muslims through his lunatic analysis in which he wrongly equated patriot and loyal sons of Pakistan with the takfiris and also portrayed a hallucinating scenario.

First of all, Zayd Hamid should know the fact that Shia Muslims are co-religionists of founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah hence they own Pakistan as their achievement and Shia Muslims slogan is We made Pakistan ad we shall safeguard Pakistan. This is the slogan which all Shia Muslims raised and the world bear witness to this fact.
Second, Shia Muslims are loyal and patriot sons of Pakistan and they don’t need certificate from any individual or institution about their loyalty to the motherland Pakistan.
Third, there is not a single precedent that any Shia Muslim citizen had ever taken weapons into hands and turned rebel or insurgent against their motherland Pakistan. Never ever!
Fourth Shia leadership and clerics have been making it clear time and again that there are some black sheep within the institutions hence the legal action be taken against such fifth columns by the lawful competent authority and this demand cannot be misinterpreted because Shia leadership have put this demand to the higher authorities who know better that agents of the enemies want to defame the sacred institutions of Pakistan and for that purpose they use their agents so, these are agents who should be punished and the victims of terrorism should not be blamed for wrongdoings of the perpetrators.
Fifth, institutions have their official spokespersons and they don’t need Zayd Hamid or anybody else to impersonate him or herself as the spokesman of any institution.
Sixth, these lunatic guys should know they are nobody to suggest to Shia Muslims what to do? Only one example for these bloody idiots: Go and read what happened in Tando Bahawal Case? Who declared innocent villagers as enemies agents and why? And then Chief of the Army Staff General Asif Nawaz did to those black sheep who labeled innocent villagers as enemies agents? Shia Muslims of Parachinar are still peaceful and all their demands are legitimate and within the ambit of law and the constitution of Pakistan. Pakistan is a democracy that allows protest and rallies and it is not an intolerant kingdom of lunatic analysts.


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