MWM to stage countrywide rallies to mark ‘Down with US Day’ on Friday

Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari, chief of Majlis-e-Wahdta-e-Muslimeen has announced that Friday would be observed as Down with America Day to register stiff protest against the anti-Pakistan policy of the Trump administration of United States.

“US President Donald Trump has threatened Pakistan in his new strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia that is unacceptable for Pakistani nation,” said Allama Jafari in his reaction to the Trump’s strategy announced at the Fort Myer near Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia State.
MWM chief has appealed to all patriot Pakistanis and loyal sons of their sacred motherland to join the MWM’s rallies to expressed their rejection and anger over the Trump’s threats against Pakistan. He said that the Down with U.S. rallies would be taken out after Friday prayers.
He said that Pakistan had rendered supreme sacrifices in the war against terrorism and the US administration could never be able to match Pakistani sacrifices in this war. He said that Afghanistan’s latest conditions were an ample proof of failure of the US administration and army. He urged Trump administration to put his own house in order instead of blaming Pakistan or Afghan governments for the failure of the US policies.
He said that people of Pakistan and Afghanistan are brothers and they want to live in peace but the terrorists who were originally trained and financed by the US and its allies such as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were responsible for destruction of peace in this Af-Pak region. He said that the US should not shift blame to others and US must not bring this war to Pakistan.
Allama Raja Nasir advised the Pakistan government to abandon the policy of bowing to the US and instead look for a balanced foreign policy tilting to the other powers in region such as China to counter the anti-Pakistan US-India nexus.


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