Pro-takfiri Deobandi clerics launch war of words against Pak Army

The unveiling of fact by the DG ISPR regarding the attack on Deobandi mosque and seminary in Rawalpindi on Ashura day in 2013, has evoked a negative reaction from pro-takfiri Deobandi clerics who have launched a war of words instead of feeling ashamed on the facts that Deobandi terrorists themselves attacked the mosque and seminary of their own sect.

Deobandi clerics Ashraf Ali, Dr Ateeq, Qazi Hafeezur Rehman Advocate and Mufti Abdul Rehman of the Deobandi seminary Taleemul Quran Rawalpindi addressed a joint press conference against the Pakistan Army over arrest of the Deobandi terrorists involved in the said attack.
Fact has it that neither a single Shia Muslims of those 110 people implicated falsely in the FIR of the attack had a criminal record. Interestingly, the FIR contained names of nine Deobandi Pesh Imams of banned terrorist outfit ASWJ who had been hatemongering prayers leaders of other areas mosques but gathered at the said Raja Bazaar Pindi’s Deobandi mosque and their gathering there was itself a point to be noted and they should have clarified what else was their purpose other than to mastermind the attack on their own mosque and blame innocent Shia Muslims. On the other hand those innocent Shia Muslims who were implicated falsely had a clean record and they were respectable citizens of Pakistan. The mosque and seminary that is controlled by the banned terrorist outfit ASWJ should have been sealed but lenient policy of the State of Pakistan has emboldened these hatemongering terrorists of banned terror outfit ASWJ and now they have launched war of words against Pakistan Army.
Even the Shah Chan Chiragh who died decades ago was also named in the FIR that was another proof that biased Punjab Chief Minister and Law Minister sided with the Deobandi takfiri terrorists and also funded reconstruction of the mosque controlled by banned ASWJ’ terrorists.


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