Samiul Haq claims Afghan Taliban will support Pakistan against US threat

Deobandi party JUI-S chief Samiul Haq has claimed that the Afghan Taliban announced that they would support Pakistan against any threat by the Trump administration, pledging to stand by the government in case of any aggressive design pursued by the United States against the country.

Surprisingly, the announcement was not made public by the Afghan Taliban, and was released by Pakistani Deobandi cleric Samiul Haq, chief of his own faction of the Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam, from Akora Khattak where he runs his Deobandi seminary (madressah).

It is also relevant to add here that Afghan Taliban failed to expel US forces from Afghanistan and remain incapable to counter any US threat in Afghanistan despite US army presence since 2001.

According to the statement, the Ittehad Ulema-i-Afghanistan — a little known entity — had after a meeting announced their support for Pakistan against an American aggression.
The meeting of the Afghan Taliban/Emarat Islami Afghanistan held under the banner of `Ittehad Ulema-i-Afghanistan’ was led by Mufti Mehmood Zakri. Representatives of various groups and religious organisations reportedly attended the meeting. It was not clear how those religious leaders are different from the Afghan Taliban.
Later, they sent a written statement to Sami ul Haq, extending full support to Pakistan in case of an attack by the US or India. They said they would fight for Pakistan like they had rendered sacrifices for their own country [Afghanistan].
They urged Pakistani political and religious parties to shun their differences and forge unity among their ranks.
They also vowed that the Afghan Taliban would continue their jihad in Afghanistan and would struggle for the implementation of Islamic system in their country.


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