Prominent scholars demand release of illegally detained Shia Muslims

Eminent Shia scholars have remembered the illegally detained Shia Muslims addressing the Moharram mourning congregations making it clear that they too would prefer to be accompany the detained compatriots otherwise they all must be released without any delay.

“I cannot tolerate that my children are subjected to enforced disappearance. Relevant authorities must have been hearing my voice. Either release them and if there is any case against them, they must be produced in courts,” demanded Allama Hassan Zafar Naqvi, deputy secretary general Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen, addressing a Moharram Majlis in Karachi.

He said he would offer himself for arrest if illegally detained Shia Muslims were not released till Arbaeen.
Allama Shahenshah Naqvi condemned the undeclared detention of Shia Muslims. He said it is inhumanity that mothers have not seen their sons for many years and whereabouts of them are not made known. He demanded that whereabouts of such Shia Muslims must be made known.
Imamia Students Organisation has warned that either illegally detained Shia Muslims must be released or be produced in the courts otherwise Shia Muslims reserve legal and democratic right to come out on streets to protest against the inhuman policy of undeclared detention.


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