Blasphemous story against the leaders of Muslims in paradise

Gohar Publications Lahore published a book of Islmiat for Class II that is being taught in Punjab schools despite the fact that it contained blasphemous story against the sanctity of Imam Hassan (AS) and Imam Hussain (AS). All Muslims believe in the hadees of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH), the last apostle of God and Prophet of Islam that his grandsons Hassan and Hussain (PBUT) are leaders of Muslim youths in the heavens (Paradise).

The book of the Gohar Publications authored by Amir Mehmood Awan contained a blasphemous story based on lies that Imam Hassan (AS) and Imam Hussain (AS) fought with each other in their childhood evoking displeasure of the God Almighty. The fake story also mentioned the fake quote of Hazrat Fatima (AS).
The fake and blasphemous story has angered all Muslims and evoked reaction from them. They warned that the book should be banned and the publisher and author should be punished for the blasphemy.

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