Families of missing Shias stage demonstration for their release

The families of the missing Shia Muslims staged a demonstration outside the Karachi Press Club on Sunday to protest against the enforced disappearances of their bread-earners. The parents, children and spouses of the victims demanded their immediate release.

The wife of missing rights activists Samar Abbas and Arif Jafari were leading the protesters. The demonstrators also tried to go to Governor House and CM House but the police stopped them from entering into the security Red Zone.
They were carrying portraits of the missing relatives, placards and banners. They were raising slogans against the violation of fundamental human rights of the missing Shia citizens of Pakistan. They chanted: Release our bread-earners, Release our fathers, release our brothers, release our sons, release our husbands.
They complained that the enforced disappearances of innocent Shia Muslims was tantamount to a collective punishment to entire family. They said illegal and undeclared detention of their near and dear ones was nothing but an immense mental torture to them.
They demanded of the President, Prime Minister, Army Chief and Chief Justice of Pakistan and chief justices of provincial high courts to lay their role in immediate release of the missing Shias.


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