Families of missing Shias request scholars to end Jail Bharo Tehreek

Families of missing Shias led by nonagenarian father of missing rights activist Samar Abbas visited Shaarey Faisal police station and requested Allama Syed Ahmed Iqbal Rizvi to end Fill the Jails Movement for release of their missing relatives. Then they also met Allama Hassan Zafar Naqvi and also persuaded him to leave the Baghdadi police station where he courted his arrest.

Now, they all have reached the camp of fast unto death in incholi where Shia leaders Sagheer Abid and Hassan Raza Sohail and family members of missing Shias are observing hunger strike till death.

The families appreciated and thanked these Shia scholars and notables for their protest movement. But they said it was intolerable for the victims families that respected religious scholars court their arrest in protest. They said that it was the altruistic approach of Allama Hassan Zafar and Allama Ahmed Iqbal that must be commended.

They condemned the callousness of the relevant authorities over violation of fundamental rights of Shia Muslims subjected to enforced disappearance.


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