MWM leader warns their protest will shake Punjab government

Allama Syed Ahmed Iqbal Rizvi, deputy secretary general, Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen, has warned the Punjab Government that their protest would shake entire government if MWM leader Nasir Shirazi was not released immediately.

Addressing a press conference at the Karachi Press Club on Thursday, he made it clear that if any harm is caused to Nasir Shirazi, Punjab government and its Law Minister Rana Sanaullah would be held responsible. He condemned the biased, negative and illegal tactics being applied by the Punjab government to victimize patriot Shia Muslims of Pakistan. He said it seems that in the eyes of Punjab rulers, it is a sin if someone is a Shia Muslim.
He said that biased Punjab government had already imposed unjustifiable restrictions on Azadari (sacred mourning for Imam Hussain), naming the hosts of Azadari congregations in fourth schedule and registration of cases against them were enough proofs of the consequences and nothing else was left for Shia Muslims to face more than that in Punjab.
He said MWM leadership had confirmed reports that Nasir Shirazi was in illegal custody of the CTD that works under Punjab Government and also under Rana Sanaullah. He warned that all Opposition parties would intensify protest movement against Punjab government and Rana Sanaullah if Nasir Shirazi is not released forthwith.
Allama Ahmed Iqbal demanded foolproof security for Chehlum (Arbaeen) mourning processions and congregations in all over the country. He said that more than 3000 of their volunteers would assist the security officials in arrangements for the Arbaeen processions.



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