Raheel fails to clarify why Syria, Iran and Iraq not included in Saudi alliance

Pakistan’s retired army chief Raheel Sharif who is serving Saudi-led alliance has failed to tell the world why Syria, Iran and Iraq that are also the victims of terrorist attacks and fighting war against terrorists, have not been made part of the alliance by Saudi monarchy.

Raheel Sharif spoke at an event as Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman opened the first high-level meeting of a kingdom-led coalition against terrorism in Riyadh. The inaugural meeting of the self-claimed Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) Ministers of Defence Council was held under the theme of ‘Allied Against Terrorism’. But entire world bear witness to the fact that Syria, Iran and Iraq have also suffered from terrorism and these three countries are also fighting a successful war against terrorism but they were not asked to join the Saudi coalition that proved it is not against terrorism but a power show by Saudi monarchy.
“A number of our member countries are under tremendous pressure while fighting well established terrorist organisations due to capacity shortages of their armed forces and law enforcement agencies,” said Pakistan’s former army chief and the coalition’s military commander, Raheel Sharif, at the event.
“The IMCTC will act as a platform to assist member countries in their counterterrorism operations through intelligence sharing and capacity building.”


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