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Shia parties stage rallies against recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by US

Supporters of Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen, Shia Ulema Council and Imamia Students Organisation staged rallies all over Pakistan to register their protest against the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by US President Donald Trump.

The protesters thronged main thoroughfares and streets in all major cities mainly Karachi as Shia leaders had given a call for nation-wide protests.
They were raising slogans and carrying banners and placards inscribed with slogans in favour of Palestinians. The supporters of Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen and Imamia Students Organisation and Shia Ulema Council staged rallies at different places but made similar demands against the US decision.
They said that Jerusalem was occupied by illegitimate state of Israel in June 1967 war, otherwise this sacred city called Bait-al Maqdas by Arabs and Muslims, is eternal capital of Palestine.
They demanded Muslim rulers to break-off ties with the US over this illegal and unjustifiable decision. They said that even international law doesn’t recognize Israeli claim to Jerusalem so far. They said that US administration had always remained dishonest broker with taking sides of Israel in the name of peace process. They said that the US and Israel were strategic allies and partners therefore US cannot play neutral role on Palestinian issue.


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