PTI for making JIT report on Karachi Ashura Tragedy public

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Ali Zaidi has said that he will file petitions in the Sindh High Court to seek that joint interrogation reports (JITs) of Ashura Tragedy and other case also be made public.

Talking to the reporters outside the SHC yesterday, he said, Karachi witnessed massacre of innocent people on Ashura Day and on 12th May. He said that JITs are formed at the expenses of taxpayers’ money but their reports are not made public and due to that criminals and terrorists reached Parliament.
He said that Lahore High Court too had turned down this myth and ordered Najafi report be made public. That must be a precedent and JIT report on Karachi Ashura Tragedy and May 12 Tragedy should also be made public.



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