People of Pakistan very happy at landmark Islamic Revolution Iran: diplomat says

A former Pakistani ambassador says that the Islamic Revolution of Iran has the strength and such value that despite all challenges, it can flourish and will continue to guide the Iranian people for the future.

In an interview, Ali Sarwar Naqvi, also Executive Director of the Center for International Strategic Studies (CISS) said that it is a matter of great pride that the Islamic Revolution has achieved its 39th anniversary that is being celebrated all over Iran in few days.
“I think the people of Pakistan are also very happy at this landmark event that took place in Iran in February 1979,” he said.
It shows the Islamic Revolution is going to remain a movement as it was started and will maintain for the years to come, the analyst added.
The former ambassador also said that there is a great strength and value in the principles of the Islamic Revolution of Iran which have given the people comfort and determination to deal with the problems of life and establish their country as a power in the present day world.
“I am very happy at this development and hope that people of Iran will have a good celebration on this occasion.”
Naqvi said the Islamic Revolution has many challenges which are not ending and will continue. “But I think the Revolution has such a strength and such worth that despite these challenges it will flourish.”


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