Saudi Imam meets notorious Ludhianvi of banned terrorist outfit ASWJ

Saudi prayers leader of Ka’aba has also held a meeting with M Ahmed Ludhianvi, ringleader of ASWJ (Sipah-e-Sahaba), mother-wing of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, which have been banned due to their terrorism across Pakistan.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has hired its employee whom he called Imam-e-Ka’aba to advance its illegitimate interests by meddling into Pakistan’s internal affairs. On the dictation of Saudi kingdom, the Saudi Imam has arrived in Pakistan to issue guidelines to Saudi proxies such as banned ASWJ, Tahir Ashrafi, etc.
The Saudi proxies in Pakistan have been assigned the task through Saudi Imam to intensify false media war to support the unilateral Saudi war on defenceless Muslims of Yemen and Syria. The Saudi proxies including Ludhianvi gangsters and Ashrafi have been ordered to intensify malicious campaigns against the democratically-elected government of Syria and its allies. They were also directed to target anti-war Yemeni people and groups because the anti-war alliance of Yemeni people resists Saudi aggression on Yemen. In particular, they were ordered to defame Iran and Shia Muslims, in particular.
This shameful anti-Islam and anti-Arab agenda of the US-led Zionist alliance is being pursued by the unelected despotic monarchy of Saudi Arabia but powers that be in Pakistan remain silent against the Saudi interference into Pakistan’s internal affairs.


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