Elderly man from Karachi languishing in Saudi jail

An elderly man is languishing in a prison in Saudi Arabia’s capital city Riyadh and his appeal for help had gone viral on social media. In that video, inmate Muhammad Nadeem told the viewers the address of his Pakistan residence. Karachi police on Sunday managed to trace his family.

Nadeem also explained that he does not have his National Identity Card (NIC) or passport with him and has been in jail for nearly a month.
“I have lived in Saudi Arabia for the past 35 years and returned to Pakistan thrice in all this time,” Nadeem said in the video.
Another man can be seen asking Nadeem questions in the video while a third is heard in the recording. The men say that the elderly man is being held as a prisoner in a jail in the Shahrah Khazan area of Riyadh.
After the video did rounds on social media, Nadeem’s family was contacted by the police.
The prisoner’s brother Waseem said that after Nadeem’s job ended, he took asylum in a mosque and became a Moazzin there. The brother said he was not sure if Nadeem’s travel documents were expired or lost.
The family has since asked relevant authorities to help with the required paperwork to bring Nadeem back to Pakistan.
According to police, contact has been established between Nadeem and his family, and a process has been initiated to arrange for required legal documents.


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